PRO Services

Findcourses PRO offers two different solutions



Findcourses PRO Standard gives you access to a generic purchasing portal that contains approx. 7000 courses from more than 300 training providers. The range is based on’s network, which is Sweden’s most used search portal for competence development.

How it works

Your employees get login information to the portal where they can search among suppliers and trainings and make their bookings directly in the portal.

Findcourses PRO then sends a booking request to the supplier who approves it, thus the employee is booked on the education.

Findcourses PRO sends an invoice to you when the course is completed and handles the payment towards the training provider.

We also handle all cancellations and rebooking for you.

Findcourses PRO Customized gives you the opportunity to customize your purchasing portal.

We adapt the portal to your graphic profile and together choose which suppliers and trainings to include in the portal. In addition, we adapt integrations with your systems such as intranets, LMS and purchasing systems.

How it works

Your employees can log in directly via your intranet, LMS or purchasing system, for example by punch-out.

In the portal they search between contract suppliers and book an education that has been quality assured by HR and Purchase.

There is also the possibility of entering internal training courses and booking these via the portal.

Your employees can also make inquiries about new suppliers or trainings directly in the portal.

FindCourses PRO Standard version:

  • Search and compare trainings
  • Direct booking feature
  • 300 training providers and over 7 000 trainings
  • Discounts on thousands of trainings
  • Request free training quotes
  • Cancellations and re-booking directly in the portal
  • Access to extensive statistics and reports
  • Possibility to see your company’s training reviews
  • Consolidated invoice from FindCourses PRO
  • PDF or EDI billing
  • One point of contact for all training purchases
  • Reduced administration

FindCourses PRO Custom made version:

  • Everything included in the Findcourses PRO Standard
  • Customized training portal for your company
  • Possible to choose the login method for the portal
  • Integration with your existing LMS, intranet, purchasing system etc.
  • Incorporated attestation flow
  • Graphic adaptation of texts and instructions to your needs
  • Access to all of your framework agreements in one place
  • Web form for adding suppliers and training courses
  • Access to internal and company-specific training
  • Creation of PO number
  • Order and invoice handling
  • Incorporated certificate flow
  • Access to the portal through SSO