How our solution works

When you become our customer at Findcourses PRO, you are in good hands, as we help some of Sweden’s largest companies to find and purchase the right education.

We help you with the entire process from booking to invoicing and evaluation of the education.

Findcourses PRO Standard

Once you have purchased the Findcourses PRO Standard, we will together set up an account and enter your billing information. Together we then go through the portal and give you an education in all functionality.

The next step is to inform your employees that they should start booking through the Findcourses PRO and inform them of the booking process.

Of course we are there to help you if you have any questions.

Findcourses PRO Customized

An implementation of the Findcourses PRO customized version takes about 1 – 3 months depending on the complexity and desired integrations.

Together, we plan how implementation should go and what is implemented by each party.

Before the implementation we define how your new booking process with the Findcourses PRO will look. We integrate our portal into your intranet, LMS or purchasing system. We then adapt the portal to your graphic profile and then design the supplier and education offer.

Together, we also create a communication plan to effectively communicate the project and the new solution to the organization.

Once we have implemented the Findcourses PRO portal, just get started and book!


We would love to hear about your need for competence development but also how you currently work with administrative systems and follow-up processes.

We currently help many large companies such as Henkel, Swedish Match and Skandia. We are happy to tell you what we can do to help you too.

Save time and money by making your purchases more efficient

  • Find the right course easily by comparing all the options in one place
  • Get access to our training discount offers
  • Gain a better overview and control of your training purchases

One supplier for all purchasing of training

  • Minimize the number of training suppliers in your purchasing system.
  • Reduce administration by letting us handle all your course bookings.
  • Receive consolidated invoice (we handle the invoices from all of the training providers).

Access to data and statistics

  • Quick overview of all suppliers and purchases.
  • Keep track of how much you spend.