What do our present customers say about our services?

We have helped many organizations to get a better overview of their competence development. Below are two examples of our collaborations.

Swedish Match


Swedish Match’s challenge was not just to find the right training, but also to find it at the right price. So when they were contacted by the Findcourses PRO in 2012, it was the solution of getting everything gathered in one portal that interested Jan the most.

The company has worked with FindCourses PRO since 2012. The collaboration has resulted in a customized portal for internal and external education. Before Swedish Match started collaborating with FindCourses PRO, from a purchasing perspective they felt they needed to gain better control of all the course providers and purchases.


An advantage of FindCourses PRO’s solution that according to Jan made PRO´s service stand out was that everything was possible. If FindCourses PRO did not have the solution for a specific problem already, they created the solution to meet their needs.

Another attractive factor in the selection of FindCourses PRO was the availability of statistics and reports. Something they within the company later could easily develop and control themselves.

In 2014, two years after the collaboration began, it was expanded to a first line support from their LMS (Learning Management System) and training support to employees and administrative partners.

The original training portal for external training was integrated with the Findcourses PRO’s LMS. The reason for the expanded cooperation was a clear need within the organization.

What makes FindCourses PRO stand out from the crowd is the continuous dialogue about the solution and the quick response times. In response to the last question whether Jan would recommend FindCourses PRO’s custom solutions to other companies, there was no doubt.

– I would definitely recommend FindCourses PRO. Especially if you are looking for a professional and long-term collaboration partner for your competence development.

Jan Sagdahl, HR specialist at Swedish Match



The main reason why Skandia chose Findcourses PRO as a partner in 2011 was to be able to easily collect all external courses in one place, but also to reduce the selection of external suppliers. At the same time, as they wanted to make it easier for their employees to find and book the right education to increase their competence.

Skandia also discovered the need to improve the follow-up statistics and processes of education purchases while at the same time wishing to get a better overview of what is bought and what cost.


FindCourses PRO´s portal now has its own page in Skandia´s LMS (Learning Management System). Thanks to the collaboration, Skandia receives a collection invoice twice a month, which has reduced the number of invoices that need to be handled.

Keep all internal and external courses in one place

FindCourses PRO helped Skandia gather all of the external education in one place to make it as easy as possible for the employees to find and book the right courses.

Scheduled development meetings

We are very pleased with the service that FindCourses PRO provides and we feel that the collaboration has worked very well. More so we have follow- up meetings on a regular basis and a constantly ongoing dialog about how the competence development at Skandia shall continue to improve even in the future.

Anna Morén, Head of Learning and Development at Skandia