The customized version includes everything that comes with the light version but it also gives you a fully customized portal where all of the organization’s framework agreements are incorporated. Internal training will be administered and bookable in the same way as the external training and accessible on the same platform. The employees can access, compare and book the trainings on their own.

In the portal all of the employees will have access to the “add training” function. With this function we make it possible for you to add trainings or suppliers that are not already in the portal nor a part of your organization's framework agreements.

The training portal can be integrated with your existing systems for example a LMS (Learning Management System) or a purchasing system. It can also be accessible thru the company's intranet depending on your preferences for the functions integration. The graphic profile will be adjusted and customized to match the company profile. Depending on your company's routines we can also built in a suitable attest flow for the booking process.

Does it sound like an interesting solution for your organization? Please book a meeting with us and we will tell you more about our services and how it would benefit your organization.