Findcourses PRO – LIGHT

This version of the portal gives the company access to the full range of courses and providers and discounts available at our local websites. For example and .The trainings are bookable directly at the website. Afterwards FindCourses PRO takes care of the contact with the suppliers and the invoices. We also handle any cancellations or rebooking for you.

When using the portal all of the organization’s training purchases is brought together in the same process. This gives us the opportunity to provide extensive statistics and reports. It makes it easier to keep track of what your organization buys and at what cost. It also provides a follow up of how the discounts are used and how much money you save.

After attending a training the employee will fill out a short evaluation. This is to help your organization’s future decision making. You get access to both reviews made by employees within your organization. Aswell as participants from other organizations that has attended the same training.

When using FindCourses PRO your purchasing department will only have to deal with invoices from Findcourses Pro. Which will lower the administrative work. If it sounds interesting, please book a meeting with us and we will tell you more.